Kingston 8GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Card – With Adapter

£3.33 Excl. VAT

  • 8GB Capacity
  • Micro Secure Digital High Capacity
  • Class 4 Performance
  • Includes MicroSD to SD Adapter
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This a very handy piece of kit.  This micro SDHC card can be used in all your different devices including your smartphone or camera.  It also comes supplied with an adapter that converts the micro SD into a standard SD.

Storage Space

With 8GB of storage this micro SDHC card will really beef up the storage capacity on your device.

The card is rated at class 4 which means it transfers data at a minimum speed of 4MB per second.  This means that transferring your music, videos or photos can be done quickly and securely.


This Kingston 8GB micro SDHC card is compatible with any device that supports SDHC technology.  And the adapter means it can be used for larger devices as well as new smartphones and other smaller electronic devices.

If your mobile device needs a micro SDHC card this 8GB one from Kingston represents great value for money.

Features of the Kingston 8GB micro SDHC card

  • 8GB storage capacity
  • 4 MB per second transfer rate (Glass 4)
  • Includes micro SD to SD adapter
  • Secure storage for music, photos and videos
  • Made by Kingston


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