Windows XP Professional Edition, SP3

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Microsoft Refurbished XP Pro SP3 Disk & Licence

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Microsoft Refurbished XP Pro SP3 Disk & Licence

The Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition SP3 has been armed with great security developments. It’s equipped with NAP that supports network administrators in determining the PC’s access to the network resources on that basis of the computer’s identity- and also whether the computer complies with the standard security policies. Besides, Microsoft has also upgraded random number generator in the XP SP3 Professional Edition. Then, Microsoft has rolled up varied previous hotfixes & patches with this software. The most important of these is WPA2 that would support Wi-Fi Alliance certificate for safe wireless networks. Moreover, the software has is claimed to produce a speedy PC performance, especially with Microsoft Office.


OEM Software Notice:
· To purchase OEM System Builder software, you must be a System Builder and accept the System Builder License. “System Builder” means an original equipment manufacturer, an assembler, a Refurbisher, or a software preinstaller that sells the Customer System(s) to a third-party. OEM software may ONLY be distributed with a fully assembled computer system.
· For a desktop operating system or application software, the software also must be preinstalled on the hard drive of the fully assembled computer system, using the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK).
· The system builder who installs the software is responsible for the provision of end-user support.


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