Microsoft Windows 2000 Server – 5 Cals

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Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is the easy way to Internet-enable your business. As businesses come to rely more and more on the Internet, they have the opportunity to grow, extend their networks to partners and customers, and consider new ways to bring their products and services to market. To take advantage of these opportunities, businesses need an infrastructure that can readily respond to market forces, delivers high reliability, efficient management, ease of use, and supports the latest advances in networking hardware. And to readily pursue these opportunities, businesses want to build on their existing investments in skills and systems.

Windows 2000 Server is designed to meet these needs for businesses of all sizes, from small, centralized organizations to the largest distributed enterprise. Building on the strengths of Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server sets a new standard for how well an operating system can be integrated with standards-based directory, Web, application, network, file and print services, powerful end-to-end management and reliability, to provide the best foundation for integrating your business with the Internet. The “Business Internet” starts here.

Windows 2000 Server will enable organizations to readily pursue Internet-based solutions and opportunities. With comprehensive Web, security and communication technologies built-in, and the scalability and performance to handle the demands of Internet traffic, Windows 2000 Server delivers a unique, Internet-enabled platform on which to take advantage of the Business Internet. Windows 2000 Server will enable organizations to minimize network interruptions to end-users. With system architecture improvements for higher server uptime, fault-tolerant and redundant systems for increased availability, and online configuration and maintenance capabilities, Windows 2000 Server delivers you the confidence that your servers will be up and running, and your organization will be open for business. Windows 2000 Server will increase efficiencies and productivity across your organization. With improvements that make the system easier to deploy, manage and use, powerful centralized administration enabled by the Active Directory service, and a standards-based approach to interoperability with your existing systems, Windows 2000 Server will increase efficiencies of your IT staff, end users and systems. Windows 2000 Server supports the latest advances in networking and peripheral hardware, including USB devices, high bandwidth and directory-enabled networking devices, to ensure the platform you build today takes advantage of the latest technology advances and supports your future investments.


  • Active Directory improves manageability, enables security, and extends interoperability with other operating systems
  • Provides high-level interfaces for database access and Active Directory services
  • Lets you use COM+ to run component-based applications, integrated Web applications, and message-queuing services
  • Transaction Services feature makes it easier to develop and deploy server-centric applications
  • Microsoft BackOffice is fully integrated into Windows 2000 Server

Specifications / System Requirements

Version 2000
Language(s) English
Distribution Media CD-ROM
Package Type Retail Boxed Package
Licence Pricing Standard
Licence Type Complete Package
Licence Quantity 1 Server, 5 Users
System Requirements:
Min CPU 133 MHz Pentium or faster processor (a maximum of 4 CPUs per computer are supported)
Min HDD 1 GB
Min RAM 256 MB (128 MB minimum; 4 GB maximum)
Min Screen Requirements 640×480
Peripheral Devices CD-ROM drive; mouse & keyboard


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