Virtual Reality Adjustable 3D Headset for Smartphones + Remote Control

£16.66 Excl. VAT

Key features:

Immerse yourself in virtual reality whenever you want – just use your smartphone.
Total immersive experience when watching films and videos
360° content moves as you move your head, making you feel like you’re really there!
Lots of amazing content for children to keep them entertained for hours
Makes games more engaging and challenging
Compatible with Smartphones up to 6.0” screen size
Enjoy an amazing VR experience at a fraction of the price compared to Vive etc.




Bring reality back to the virtual using only your Smartphone with this great value VR headset. From the moment you put the VR01 headset on, you’ll instantly be transported into a world of immersive entertainment with access to a huge range of VR movies, games and content on offer.


Surround your senses with the VR01 headset and enjoy YouTube, VR and movies like never before. It’s like having your own portable IMAX theater. For example, you could be sat on the sofa watching a movie on the headset listening via headphones and it’ll almost feel like you’re at the cinema, minus the sticky floors and distracting eating habits of others. Plus, your partner can watch their favourite show on the tv while you lose yourself in yours on the headset. The perfect compromise!

The headset lets you enjoy certain games and movies in a whole new way by using your head movements to explore, aim, and interact with the 360° surroundings. Theses VR headsets are perfect for:

– First person shooter games
– Racing games
– Pilot / flight simulators
– Virtual tours and exploration
– Watching films with total immersion


To enhance your VR experience the headset comes supplied with a Bluetooth remote control gamepad. It allows you to play games, take pictures, playback movies, access in-game / content features, all without having ever to remove and use your smartphone. This easy to use wireless remote is compatible with both IOS and Android devices and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.


This super comfy headset features padded cushioning and clever range of adjustable settings so you to enjoy VR for long periods without any discomfort. Plus, unlike simple VR devices, you don’t have to hold the headset to your face because the VR01 boasts elasticated straps with a velcro strip to ensure it remains secure at all times, no matter your head size.

For added convenience, the headset is fitted with switches to adjust the lens position and focus, allowing others to enjoy the same amazing VR experience on the one device. The viewing compartment is large enough to fit most prescription glasses if required. There’s even a slider panel at the front of the headset for you to use your smartphone’s camera for augmented reality games.


Unlike expensive virtual reality headsets that have built-in displays, the electriQ VR01 uses your smartphone to act as the screen. After all, most smartphones these days are highly specced, and are more than capable of delivering an ultra-smooth and immersive virtual reality experience.

In the ever-changing face of technology, you can stay up-to-date by simply inserting your new and improved smartphone into the VR01 headset rather than investing in a whole new VR set up.

If all that wasn’t enough, because the virtual reality headset utilises your smartphone, you’ll have access to loads of free VR apps from the Google Play or IOS App Store.

The unit is compatible with smartphones ranging from 3.5 to 6.0 inches in length.


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